Meet Our Founder

Christopher Collar is the Founder of DVS Media Company and one of its most successful components - Affordable Website Development.

Chris has extensive freelance website development, and social media marketing experience.
Chris recognized many years ago, that print advertising was a fading arena, and sought to harness all available digital marketing opportunities. At that time, Chris set out with a team of like-minded web designers, advertisers and marketing professionals to develop and build Affordable Website Development. During this time, Chris’ clients sought his help in navigating the ever changing online world, in order to maximize their other digital advertising and ecommerce endeavors.

Thus sprang forth the comprehensively digital focused DVS Media Company. The client focused, mission based company that we are today. Dedicated to delivering optimally priced, personalized, all encompassed digital, social media marketing, and advertising packages. Dedicating to assisting our Clients with flourishing in the modern marketplace.

At DVS Media, we allow business owners to free themselves from the overwhelming demands of maintaining a social media and web presence. So, that they can and focus on their passion, which is building their brand.

Chris hopes to have more projects come in the months and years to follow. Please stay tuned for more info.

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