Hero of the Month

of the Month

The hero that will be acknowledged is someone or an event that helps out their community whether being a business and/or individual. Every month we will feature a new "hero of the month," and will write a description of what they have done or do for their community. No matter what they have done or will be doing like donating a service, monetary donation or just reaching out to help. We are looking for individuals and/or business/organizations that earn the respect of their community. The "hero of the month" or heroes do not have to be from your community or even your state. The recognized hero(es) will be acknowledged with a certificate of acknowledgement for their great efforts and will be on all social media platforms. Thank you to the monthly recognized for their efforts and their good will.

Interested in recognizing someone or a group of people. Email DVS Media Company

There unfortunately will not be a hero for this month. We do apologize and will bring it back starting December 2019.

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