Affiliated Companies

Chris has launched a new media company called DVS Media Company (formerly Affordable Website Development) and started to grow the business with his affiliated companies. He is looking in the future to grow the business with partnerships with other companies.

Chris and Chuck decided to restart Geek Cheaply and changed the name to Crazy Deals R Us. They plan to provide amazing deals for Amazon items. This has been a popular hit for all online shoppers, especially for Prime users.

Chris just recently started a new entertainment company called Chris Michaels Entertainment. What will be done with the new entertainment company is company. Please stay tuned for more exciting information.

Chris has joined his wife and Dee's Creative Creations to make the best creations for all their clients. Chris not only joined to support the company to support his wife, but knew a lot of people were paying too much for the designs. So he introduced the work that her and the staff do and have many projects.

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