DVS Dedication

This page is dedicated to one of the most influential people in my life. My gram aka Dorothy Violet Samson (DVS), was always the one person in my life that believed in me the most. My gram was a one of a kind person that taught her grandkids to never give up and to follow their dreams. When I decided to start the media company, the only issue with the name was "Media Company" part. I have always wanted to dedicate something like this to her. She was always proud of what I did no matter how many screw ups or angry I got. I would visit her wherever she lived and spent hours just talking. The kids would come over and she always had the "candy canister" ready for them. She showed a lot of pride in her family and always told us to aim high. There was no ceiling or limit to what we could do. The only thing that could stop us is US. For years I had excuse after excuse to why nothing worked. Finally, I had enough and said lets get this done and here we are today. Below are pictures of her and maybe a little bit of overkill on them. Enjoy the woman that gave me inspiration on a daily basis and taught me so much. God bless and RIP Gram.

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