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At DIY App TV, we bring the world of streaming and entertainment for all. We all know about Dish Network, Direct TV, and so forth. With all of the channels you love and many more added plus many movie channels and 50 International broadcasts. Customers get a unique experience they control. All for only $5.95/month/device. So ask yourself, “Why pay $150/month for the same service you can get for only $5.95?”. Our equipment gives customers easy accessibility to Netflix, Hulu, and thousands of movies and other apps, plus the ability to move it with you from location to location, without needing to pay a technician to come re-install it. Does Cable or Satellite offer that? Ease of use taking it anywhere (even on vacation), for a fraction of the cost. Call us and set-up an appointment now, while we still have Time slots available. Use promotion code : ”DVS Media”and get 10% off of your installation. Must have valid credit/debit card and high speed internet. Installation cost is a one time fee of $150 for the first TV connection. Each additional TV connection is $100 per. Will need a valid credit card. 


The installation for the Roku/Roku TV cost $150 for the first tv and then $100 for each additional tv. The installation includes the installation of the Roku, wiring to the tv and the mounting of the device. Once the device is hooked up, our technicians will then educate the customer and make sure they are equipped to work all apps and the system.

Prior to the install, we require the email and password to the customer Roku account. Pin number and Wifi password. The night before we will communicate with the customer about the apps and what the customer enjoys viewing. We will pre-load the account and after the installation, if the customer needs to have any apps changed. Our technicians can walk the customer through it and add/remove what is needed.

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